Our Team

Board of Directors

Nancy Frank - North Country Health Consortium - NH -  (Past President)

Eric Turer - Community Health Institute - JSI - NH -  (President)

Gertrude O'Sullivan - Foundation for Community Health - CT -  (President-Elect)

Andy Lowe - Outer Cape Health Services, Inc. - MA -  (Secretary)

Lora Gerard - Dartmouth Centers for Health and Aging - VT -  (Treasurer)

Penelope Markle - Consultant - VT -  (Member At Large)

Lori Fedewa - CT Office of Rural Health - (Ex-Officio)

Sue  Starkey - Northeast District Department of Health - CT -  (Board)

Nicole Breton - Maine Rural Health and Primary Care - SORH - ME -  (Ex-Officio)

Laurie Kane-Lewis - DFD Russell Medical Centers - ME -  (Board)

Danielle Hersey - Healthcentric Advisors - ME -  (Board)

Kirby Lecy - MA SORH - MA -  (Ex-Officio)

Alisa Druzba - NH SORH - NH -  (Ex-Officio)

Gregory Vasse - Foundation for Healthy Communities - NH -  (Board)

Margaret Gradie - RI Office of Rural Health and Primary Care - RI -  (Ex-Officio)

John Goodman - United Services - CT -  (Board)

Jeffrey Dodge - Private Practice - RI -  (Board)

John Olson - VT SORH - VT -  (Ex-Officio)

Avril Cochran - North Country Hospital - VT -  (Board)

Penelope Markle - Consultant - VT -  (Board)


Our Staff

Kim Mohan joined the New England - RHA staff as Executive Director on June of 2014.

In announcing her appointment, Sharon Beaty, New England - RHA President, said, “We are delighted to welcome Kim as our new Executive Director. She has 15 years’ experience in rural issues and has been an active member of our Board of Directors for several years. Her leadership and organizational management skills should serve us well as we move into the future.”

In her most recent position, Mohan was the Director of the NorthEast Telehealth Resource Center, Augusta, ME. Before that, she practiced as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in NH in a community mental health center. She spearheaded an effort to build a state telehealth network to bring behavioral health and psychiatry services to communities in northern NH. Mohan holds a Master’s degree in Education from Plymouth State University.